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How to Buy Jewelry & Gemstones With Confidence


Guide to Buying Wedding Jewelry

Whether you are looking for the ceremonial rings or an elegant tiara to crown your day; this guide to buying wedding jewelry can help you find the best options for your wedding. Often, couples spend so much money on the reception and honeymoon, there is limited room left over for the jewelry but if you know where to look you can find great deals.

Used and Recycled

There are many ways to save a buck and purchase used items which are still elegant and yet affordable. Local thrift or charity houses, eBay or other sites such as offer the perfect jewels to adorn your day. This is a terrific way to purchase jewelry gifts for your bridal party so they also look fabulous heading down the aisle. Just make sure you are getting what you are paying for. If the deal is ridiculously underpriced, it is most likely a scam and you should avoid this, especially online.

Working with Colors

Many brides prefer to match their jewelry to the colors chosen for the wedding. For example, blue bridesmaids paired with blue hydrangeas would look lovely next to a blue sapphire tear drop necklace. Of course this depends on your taste and budget. Luckily there are many ways to save money, especially when it comes to gem stones.

There are real gemstones which of course are the most expensive and elegant but many brides select lab created stones or dyed glass to replicate a real stone. This is just as lovely and saves room in the budget for a better honeymoon!

If you are planning on purchasing real gemstones, it is helpful to know whether the stones have been treated for flaws or are natural. Some treatments can diminish the value of your jewelry. Also, insure you are receiving a certificate of the stone which outlines the value broken down by a gemologist.


Perhaps the most popular and classic piece of jewelry is a string of pearls for a wedding day. Sometimes these are heirlooms which have been passed down from generations but if this isn’t possible, why not start your own tradition. Pearls are an elegant choice and can be found in nearly every jewelry store both online and at local retailers. It is important however to do a bit of research on the type of pearls you are buying.

For example, if you want real pearls, decide if you would like salt water or fresh water pearls. Salt water pearls are usually more expensive. Next, decide on the hue of the pearls you would like. Do you prefer white, ivory, black or other exotic pearls? Pearls can be natural, cultivated or imitation so determining what you want to spend is important.


ringsWhen purchasing the infamous wedding rings or engagement rings, it is essential you not only know what you want but understand the various grades and quality of metals and diamonds out there. Any jewelry being purchased online should go through an independent appraisal to insure the value of its offering.

When ordering a custom made ring, be sure you know the stores refund and return policy just in case it doesn’t come out the way you requested. Get to know the various quality grades for diamonds especially to avoid getting scammed.

By following this guide to buying wedding jewelry you should be able to find the perfect items for your special day without getting tricked by false advertising or fly by night ventures. Always insure you are protecting your investment when making major purchases. A second opinion is always a good idea as well as price comparisons.